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It's sort of weird how I found this out, I realized I've been chewing lot of ice lately. I didn't possibly think that chewing ice could be a symptom of Anemia but I researched more information and realized that I may have Anemia.

I drink LOTS of water and ice. About 10 full glasses of water each day. I don't think I'm "addicted" to ice and can probably stop if I wanted to.

All my life from what I can remember I feel like I'm not "here". I have terrible time concentrating and lose interest real fast. I feel like I can't "focus" - I thought it was a vision thing but my eye sight is okay.

I often feel like I'm about to faint. Sometimes when I exercise I feel weak and feel really dizzy. I feel short of breath lot of times as well especially when I'm driving for some reason.

I think I have OCD as well. At first I thought the faint-weakness part was because of anxiety attacks now I don't really know.

My question is who should I go see? I'm really new to this type of thing. Do I just go see my general doctor? I want to see him/her for OCD / Anemia.

I am also taking Accutane for my acne right now not sure if this has anything to do with it.