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from what i have read you seem to know more about spiro than anyone. i am a 24 year old girl who has suffered from terrible acne since i was 12. i have been on accutane 4x. A year ago last month was the one-year anniversary of finishing my last round. And..surprise surprise...i am again badly broken-out. After reading all the posts on this board, i asked my doctor for spiro. I have been on 100mg for 1 month now. I am concerned though: my skin has gotten much worse. The oil has lessened a lot but I have developed what seems like hundreds of small bumps on my forehead (where i never used to get any acne) and have had a few pimples pop up on my cheeks. did you daughter experience an initial breakout? was she on an antibiotic at the beginning?(i think i may call my doctor tomorrow to ask for something to help get me through this--bactrim maybe?). How long did it take for her to see results?
i am sorry for the deluge of questions but you seem so educated about this topic that i would really appreciate any input. I am in gradschool and this last bout with acne has been particularly difficult to bear. thanks in advance---and thanks for all you've contributed to these boards.