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Hello!! You sound a LOT like me!! Except im 18 and have had acne for about 7 years.. so about the same time as you... except mine started in like 6 grade. I kno EXACTLY how it is to run from the light!!! I used to hate going in stores... that was a no no b/c of their lights, I couldnt go to the beach b/c then my make-up would fall off. I was just really embarrassed all the time about it. I did start Accutane in November, which has helped at least 90%... but before that I changed a little too.

I realized that EVERYONE has a disablilty.... my mom has always told me that since I was young. Some people have an arm missing, acne, are in a wheelchair, overwight, etc. and other people whom to us seem flawless... really arnt. They could have emotional issuses, live in an abusive home, have no family or friends, etc. But I have been taught also that its NOT what Happens to you, BUT how YOU react to the situation. So, I have done both. I have sat inside, gone no where, cried myself to sleep b/c of my acne and I have also decided I am NOT going to let something I have pretty much NO control over ruin my life.

You just have to ask yourself... Do I want to look back at my life and be able to quote every movie and TV show? Or do I want to look back and see that I helped someone by doing service or being their friend?? You will one day look back and wonder what happened with all of your precious time.... So don't let this hold you down. I promise, I really know how it feels to be so depressed about this... YOU have to make the stand that you WILL control your life... not let your acne control you.

Try to get involved doing service, volunteer work... something to benefit others.. maybe ever diasabled children. I guarantee when you put others before your self, that all of your problems will seem so small. Try it out... its what worked for me!

And about always having to wear make-up... think of it this way... would you rather live nowadays and have doctors and make-up to help you, or would you have rather been a pioneer and be the whole complete natural you??? Don't forget to count your blessings... no matter how tough it can be...

One last thing... before I was on any acne medication... I went tanning everyday and it helped clear up my oils sooo much and gave my skin a nice even color... maybe think about that....
i know its rough! i had great skin up until i was 23...and then it all went down hill...up until the point i had to go on accutane...i stopped hanging out with my friends, i stopped going out...i couldn't wait until the time i could go home and wash my face. thankfully i had a doc who didn't want to try to many other things before he put me on accutane...which made it so much worse plus loads of other symptoms...but its over and i am thankful i did. try accutane it sucks BIG TIME while on it, but its worth it in the end.