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I've been on spiro 200mgs for 2 years and have had a complete curing of my acne. I had the painful cystic hormone acne. I'm 45 years old. My daughter began having terrible acne recently and we wanted to try spiro with her before we pursued accutane. She was put on 100mg. There was no improvement. I asked the doctor to up the amount to 200 since I knew that was the dose that worked for me and she did. Now, after 1.5 months, she is clearing completely!! She has not had a new bump since increasing the dose. There was no initial breakout with either of us. It may have seemed worse because every plug was coming out, but that lasted a few days only. Her self confidence is soaring. I read several studies that stated that 200mgs was the dose found to be effective. For us, that seems to be true and this medicine has given me and my daughter (18) a cure. Good luck! This is not an overnight medicine. It takes a while to work, but if you've been on it for a few months, see if your doctor will up the dose before you give up.
Neither of us have noticed any side effects and we do get our blood checked periodically.