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Im a young 21 year old female who has had started getting acne since the 5th grade. Ance does run in my family and i heard alot of acne is hereditary. I been to the dermatologist and doctors office before and everything they have gaven me never helped. My cousin had tooken acutane and since then doesn't get acne. I have never tried accutane but when I wad in 8th grade I had started using Proactive for about 3 monthz and people said my face started looking a little better but I fealt like it wasn't working. Several years later when I turned 18 I decided to give it a shot again. I have been using it ever since. It took alot of red out of my face and my face did clear up but I still get breakouts. I have really oily skin and in the winter sometimes it will be very dry in some parts of my cheeks n the rest of my face looks super oily. I can whipe my face with a napkin every 2 hours and my face will have tons of oil you can see. Recently I am deciding to stop using the Proactiv but I am afraid of breaking out worse. I was reading about the Asprin Mask so I think Im ganna give it a shot and see what happens. I think it matters on your skin type and your history of acne in your family on how it works for you.