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I highly doubt the cure is going to be in topical form. I believe it has to be cured from the inside-out, and not by direct skin application. What happens when you stop using the topical or your skin becomes immune to it? All acne combatant topicals contain a drying agent (BP, Tea Tree Oil, Salicyclic (sp?) acid, etc). Accutane is the closest things to a cure, and it's a pill, and has proven to be very effective long-term.
I am somewhat suspicious of this new "cure", it does not appear to have been developed into a cream as of yet, and as the previous poster pointed out, the more effective treatments for acne are internal treatments.

Its currently possible to treat acne by learning the cause of you acne, which for example maybe due to lack of Zinc in the diet and treat acne by taking the appropriate vitamin suppliments etc.

It appears the human race has been conditioned to treat acne externally. This new cure may very well be a cream form of Accutane, if this is the case, it may very well reduce the side effects normally associated with Accutane, but how effective will this new cure be?