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Ok.. I took accutane for about 4 months or so because I had a more severe case of cystic acne. Now my face is clear and as smooth as a babies butt! But... I have this sore/cyst(i dont know which one) on the right side of my nose, close to my tear duct. :( I thought that the accutane would clear it up and so did my dermatologist, but its still here.. It is really affecting my social life because I feel that people are looking at the spot on my nose and not at me. Please Help:

I have tried numerous antibiotics, creams, steroids, etc. to get rid of it. None of them have worked and I have left my dermatologists with no more ideas.. If anyone has any ideas or solutions that have worked for them with a cyst or sore, I WOULD MUCH APPRECIATE IT IF YOU PLEASE TOLD ME!!:):) Im desperate for a solution.

Thank You for your help and time,
I got the same thing right between my eyes and has been there for the last 10 years. Im going to have a plastic surgeon remove it in about a week. Basically when I was younger I had the same thing you did and also took Accutane. My face is still clear but this spot came up about ten years ago and would never go away. I think PS is your only way out as well. I'd spend any amount to get this removed.