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Has your Dr. talked to you about accutane? It is a medication of last resort for severe acne. I was offered it once but decided against it, its really strong stuff and has many temp side effects, and on occasion permanent, but rare. (I get an occasional really bad acne cysts on face) One thing that has helped me with mine is a dose of advil/ibuprophen 1 tablet twice a day for about 1 week, also icing it. Check with Dr about long term use of even over the counter meds....Also, I have seen that people use Head and Shoulders shampoo for acne on body, has zinc which is in some OTC acne meds, do a search for this, I guess its works for some people.

Just tell people you sunburn thats why the shirt when swimming.

I am sorry you are having such trouble, you are not alone. Chin up.
[QUOTE=lozzibobs;3581040]Ive been suffering from servere acne for about 5 years now and i have tried everything.
I have huge lumps on my chest, back, arms, face and lower back.
I have been on every kind of antibiotics from my doctor and tried many creams which seem to have no affect.
I feel like im going to suffer from them forever and i hate this time of year as all my friends want me to go swimming and i just cant bear the idea of me in any type of swimming costume. I have to wear long sleeved t-shirts in summer and jackets and its all taking its tole.
Im starting to feel extremly depressed and feel i have no-one to talk to that understands how i feel.

Is there anyone else out there that needs to talk that has the same problem?

I know acne is a difficult thing to deal with. I suffered for 12 years (until 4 years ago) when my derm offered me accutane. The point I was at in my life, the benefits far outweighed whatever risks were associated. It was pretty much my last resort and I felt at age 25 it was time to do something about it. Best decision....the huge painful bumps on my face slowly started to go away and new ones were not developing. After 6 months when I was done I was so afraid that everything would come back and I am happy to say that my skin has been perfect ever since.

When you don't have anyone to talk to about it, I know it makes you feel alone. People who don't have this problem cannot possibly understand. But things can and do get better. :)
Hi I am 23 and have had acne since I was 14. I have been plagued be it for 9 going on 10 years. I know exactly how you feel.I wish I could talk to you in person b/c I feel the same. My parents and friends just dont get how bad it makes you feel. I am a golfer and have to wear longer sleeved shirts..no sleeveless.. I can't imagine wearing a bathing suit. I got engaged and wont set a wedding date b/c there is no way Im going to go try on wedding dresses with a back and chest full of painful cysts. The ones on my chest are so bad..and I dont mean to be weird..but they get close to the nipple..like right around the areola..and it's like they have a root..and I can pull part of the root out with tweezers..but it just comes back..I get those kind all over my chest.. I have been on every antibiotic. I can't live like this anymore. I cant b as intimate with my fiance as I would like. If we have sex..I never take my shirt off and that is depressing! I sometimes take out the anger on him too. Like lastnight when I got out of the shower..he was kinda waiting for me in bed and I acting like a jerk b/c I had just gotten digusted like I do everynight when I see all the acne on my body!

So..I've take the step and decided Im gonna do accutane. I called my doctor this morning. In the past I have always been afraid but I just cant live like this anymore! The benefits will have to outweigh the side effects. I just want to feel normal and stop feeling like I am hiding from the world. So..I do understand and will keep you posted on improvements accutane may make! hang in there!!!