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I am 23 years old and have severe acne. The last time I was at a dermatologist was a while ago and I was still on my mom's health insurance. I tried all the creams that they would give me, but they dry my skin soo bad that it even starts to hurt to smile. I am wanting to go back, but my question is does health insurance cover going to the dermatologist for acne? I have heard some people say it doesn't cover it because it is consered cosmetic?!? I really think that i want to try accutane. can someone tell me what the side effects are and how bad they are?? Thanks!
Is it covered? Varies from plan to plan. You'd need to look it up or ask.

Accutane? There are some unfun side effects, the #1 thing that women on it need to know is that you MUST not get pregnant, as it can cause really bad birth defects (you can stop taking it and safely bear children afterward). You need a special contract and regular pregnancy tests to get the medicine.

Also it can cause bone weakness, back pain, increased sensitivity to sunlight, dry skin, and dry eyes. Some people have to stop taking it because of side effects, others have little or no trouble.

It is generally only used after other treatments, including antibiotics, have failed.