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Hey guys,

I would like to share my experience regarding Roaccutane and it was a heartbreaking one.

I suffered from Drug-induced hairloss by taking Roaccutane.

I took it for 4 months and begining to noticed hair shedding on month 3.

I'm post-accutane for already 3 months but the problems still persist and I shed about 30 hairs per day which is "Not Normal" to me since I hardly even shed before I took that sickening drug.

My hair loss comes together with scalp itchiness and pricking pain which sound like my immune system had been mess up and I may be suffering from Diffuse Alopecia Areata which I hope I'm not.

I shed hairs from eyebrows and sideburn as well.

My family and relatives have no histroy of MPB or FPB and nope of them are suffering from hairloss which make it even difficult for me to accept that I am suffering from hair loss due to Roaccutane.

I have to say that most dermatologists and doctors worldwide are mostly skeptical regarding Roaccutane induce hairloss and they seems to choose the easy way out by prescribing minoxidil and propecia for any kinds of hair loss which I find it totally ridiculous and doctors know it hurts their business by denouncing all severe side effects to the patients.

I understand that not everyone suffer from severe side effects from Roaccutane but I feel that there is a need for me to warn others who may be considering taking Roaccutane about the damage that it can cause to one body.

I would like to know if anyone here suffer from hair loss due to Roaccutane? So that we could study this side effect together.

For those who're suffering from hair loss, please ask yourself if you used to take Roaccutane? The generic brands that are avaliable in singapore include Oratane and Nimegen. The original brand is Roaccutane (Europe) or Accutane (North America) and active ingredient is Isotretinoin.