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RUBBING ALCOHOL---- awesome!!

Ok... don't know if this will work for everyone but it has been AMAZING for me. I started getting backne in middle school and by high school it was terrible... I NEVER work tank tops. Went on Accutane senior yr and it completely went away... for a few years. 6 months ago the backne came back (I'm 21 now). I'd been using the Neutrogena BodyClear Scrub but it only helped a little. I even looked into illegally buying a 2nd round of Accutane online.

Then I heard about some body spray by Clinique that was supposed to work pretty well, but I didnt want to spend $20 on it knowing it most likely woudlnt work for me. But, noticing that its primary ingredient was rubbing alcohol, I went to the drugstore and for $2 got a big bottle of 70% isopropyl alcohol (rubbing alcohol). After I get out of the shower, I soak a cotton ball or 2 in the alcohol and wipe it all over my back (hard to reach, but I try my best to get the whole thing). And even though I shower thouroughly with body scrub daily, the cotton balls turn light brown!!! I saw that and no wonder I was breaking out with so much pore clogging grime sitting there. Now, its summer and I wear tanks all the time and literally have not had ONE SINGLE PIMPLE on my back, arms or chest since I started this.

Like I said I dont know if it will work for everyone. But at such a cheap price, and such amazing results for someone like me who had no success with anything else except Accutane, I think you need to at least try it.