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When I was in highschool I always had clear skin. It wasn't until the end of my first year in college that I began to break out--and since then I have not cleared up. I have inflammatory acne all over my face. I've had it for almost 6 years now. I have tried Proactiv, Murad, tetracycline, ortho tri cyclen, yasmin, amoxicillin and topicals and nothing has worked. I wouldn't mind trying Accutane but my dermatologist won't put me on it because I have a history of ocd. Is there anything that helps inflammatory acne? Everytime I try something I never see a difference. I'm so down and frustrated and feel like giving up.
It's an uphil struggle i agree with you. I used Duac gel for over a year and had great results but recently my spots have seemed to come back really quite badly!! I know how ya feel, some days i think "ahhhh who cares" and others i just look at them and wanna cry! sucks.

Your doctor probably does know whats best for you, but you may just really need to have a good chat to him/her and explain the effect its having on you. I don't know if theres a medical link between accutane and OCD, but accutane has alsorts of odd side effects. Really hope you find somehting that works for you, i'd reccomend duac once daily gel as a good starter!

Mark :)
What does OCD have to do with taking Accutane? The only thing with Accutane is to draw your blood every month to be sure it isn't affecting the liver. It is the only drug on the market that will help you at this point.
Ann, Apparently Accutane can cause depression & even psychosis for some people. I have been researching it on medical websites, because my doc suggested it. So, I guess for people who have a history of ocd or other things like that, you have to be careful.