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Hi there, acne can be treated. Firstly, i just guessing and am assuming that hormones are the problem. Hormones cause excess sebum (oil) on the skin which actracts dirt and debrie which causes acne. I would see your doctor and find an underlying cause. Hormones can be controlled by contraceptive pill to balance them. Also there are heaps of acne control preparations found at Beauty Therapy Salons and Pharmacies. She needs to keep her skin clean and find a product that works and use it regularly. Here in Australia we have A.S.A.P sold in Beauty Therapy Salons that works exceptionally well. It has AHA and BHA's that kill off acne causing bacteria and heels the skin. The US advertises Pro-Active for acne. If her acne is cronic she may need pharmaceutical medication such as Roaccutane to treat it but it needs to be prescribed and managed by a doctor. The worse thing she can do is squeeze the pimples which could cause scarring and pigmentation problems. Get some professional advice. Good Luck.
sounds like perfect case for accutane
First, I'd recommend getting her on a birth control pill. This will help if her case can be attributed to a hormonal imbalance. if that doesn't worth, Accutane would be the next resort. In my experience, Accutane has been the closest treatment to a cure.