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okay, typical story made short NOTHING WORKED ...
until i took accutane ( a pill) which works by shutting down your oil production (yes, it sounds dangerous, yes it can have negative side effects) but take it for 3-6 months. first, it pushes all the excess oil buildup out and u break out HORRIBLY. but after that, its all goes away.
i dont know u, or if u have or will have acne scars (THEY SUCK,sorry) give acne scars time, thats all u can really do besides Retinae to some extent.
as far as acne, i get a little zit every few months now. NOT EVERY DAY

its changed my life dramatically. seriously, it works.
good luck
Glad to hear a positive story. Accutane isn't right for everybody, and does have its risks, but it often produces remarkable improvement in severe acne after all other treatments fail.
You are lucky, because growing up I took accutane twice, and after both times it came back. It has cleared up dramatically over the last couple of years. But I am 23 years old now, and I still have acne, it seems that nothing has been able to clear it up really well.