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Has she tried any other antibiotics? Typically derms start you on a milder antibiotic like Minocycline. My derm told me is is like 3 tiers-

1. Topicals & Minocycline, Doxycyline, etc
2. Septra/ Bactrim & or Birth Control Pills
3. Last resort- Accutane

I can tell you from experience of using almost every antibiotic that Bactrim is very potent. It is a sulfa drug which a lot of people have allergies to. When I first started it my body freaked out a bit. I kept getting this red rash all over my body. We thought I was allergic to it, but it eventually stopped. I was reluctant to keep taking it, but was desperate to clear my face up. After a few years taking this drug I started to have stomach/digestive problems, but I kept taking it. Now it has stopped working- bacterial resistance I guess.

I can tell you what to do for your daughter. She may have zero problems with it, and it did clear my skin up very nicely. It is just a very strong drug & am wondering if she has tried a milder antibiotic or topicals first.