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[QUOTE=smr00;3649183]Since college my acne has been getting progressively worse and worse, leaving more dark spots all over my face. I'm in my mid 20s now, with no clear solution as to control the acne. It flares up right before my period but maintains a consistent level all throughout the cycle.
I have tried all kinds of over the counter washes, toners, leave ons, etc. Murad, DDF, clarins, proactiv, neutrogena, clinique, chanel, origins, etc etc...nothing really works:( I just don't know what to do....I need to find a way to get rid of the spots but also spot the acne from reemerging. Any suggestions? I know people take many supplements but I feel like everyone recommends something different and am totally confused about what I should start with. Some correlate acne w diet but I can never be sure if it is something I am eating since the acne is always there (I do try to eat really healthy though).
I have gone on differin, which made no difference, retin A which aggrevated my skin terribly, cleocin T which didn't do much, and benzoyl peroxide which was better but drying. Proactive made me breakout in an absolutely insane and uncontrollable way.
I have tried facial masks, clay, charcoal, sulfur but they also seem to make my skin worse - I tend to get those deeper, cystic, painful bumps after using a mask. Anyone know why? They say the skin goes through a phase where it gets worse - why??
What should I do? It seems as though derms just prescribe all different types of meds but nothing that really works...anyone that has gone through this, i'd appreciate some insight:(

I have been down this road and I'm still trying to find my cure. Have you ever tried antibiotics like tetracycline or minocyline. These often help many people. Unfortunately, they did not work for me and my acne is the worst it's ever been and I'm 28 years old. I am getting on accutane, but this medicine should only be taken if nothing else works. The reason the topical medications/cleansers did not work for you is that you probably don't have the typical problem of dirt buildup. Do you find that you always have oily skin? For me, if you were to take a xray of my skin you would see my oil glands are 5 times the normal size. Accutane shrinks to oil glands to normal size. I would suggest talking to your derm and try the antibiotics first. If they don't work maybe look into accutane. I wish I tried it earlier, but I always though that eventually my skin would be acne free. Boy was I wrong!
[QUOTE=brookecollom;3651319]I have never really just had very bad skin. When I was like 12, i got the pimples that everyone else was getting but it soon cleared up. I am now 21 and after recently switching from my normal Merle Norman cream based foundation to just Covergirl, my face broke out like crazy. I immediately went back to Merle Norman and voila...clear skin... It's about $10 more expensive than the "Wal-Mart" makeup but honestly..it was so worth it to get my clear skin back. They also make a mineral makeup now so if u prefer mineral, they have different options..Hope this helps u out..for me it was truly a godsend.:angel:

I have never heard of this makeup line before. Does it cover up well? Do you have to buy this online or can I find it at a store? I have been trying to find foundation that covers well, but not breakout my skin. I am also concerned that when I get on accutane that my face will be dry and flaky, so I don't know if I should wear oil free or not.