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About three months ago, my dermo put me on doxy for my cystic acne, along with Tretinoin Topical, and BenzaClin, they worked great! The Retin A worked like a charm until the doxy kicked in, I was so happy, I've had really painful cyctic acne for a while now, and it amazed me how much more confident I was with the clearer skin, and no painful zits. So, about a month ago I decided to go on Yasmin for BC, and then all the acne came back along with some other serious side effects. So I stopped taking the Yasmin (was seriously not worth it, I've got issues w depression, it made it a lot worse, lost my sex drive, and I was starting to feel like my life was kinda worthless.) So, I stopped the BC, but the cystic acne is back! Does anyone know if the Doxy is going to work again once everything kinda settles out, or should I just go back to my Dermo and go on Accutane?