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[QUOTE=pnksapphire;3678555]I was just giving a script for Retin-A Micro. I needed a pre-authorization. Well, my derm called it in and it was denied! They were told that people don't get acne over the age of 25!! WTH??? Anyway, I am on my way to pick up some samples from them. My doctor's office wasn't impressed with my script company, express scripts. Anyway, I just wanted to let everyone know that if you are over 25, it is a figment of your imagination that you have acne! :mad:

I have been battling this for 20 years. The ONLY thing that has helped has been BCP. Will I need to be on them until I am 90? :rolleyes:
I am 25 and was prescribed Accutane because the rest of the treatments did not work... so ~ they usually won't deny that at this age.

Keep in mind that Retin-A is also used as an anti-aging type of ointment to help clear wrinkles... this may be one reason they are denying it because they feel it may be a cosmetic issue.

Additionally, Retin A is good stuff, so I would dispute it with the Insurance Company.... call and ask for a 'Dispute Form' and a fax number or phone number.

Good Luck