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Hey all!

Alrighty, you might be wondering about the title, right? Well, I've suffered from acne since I was about 11 (18 now). I've had oily skin, breakouts, all different types of acne, just blam on my face. I was on Trinessa for it, but it didn't do anything. I get the facials every once in awhile, I take Aloeride, I try to be healthy. Nothing was working, I was even considering Accutane. That is, until I read it could cause candida, which might be why my stomach is hurting. Everything has to get in the way I think...

Recently I did some researching, and came across the whole "milk causes acne" article. I thought "Heck, why not?" I've drank milk since I was about 2, so if this was it, it'd make sense. Anyways, I came off milk...and wah-lah! Well, my cystic acne was gone in less than 2 days. It's only been a few weeks now, and I have to say I'm missing milk. The androgen hormones in it are what supposedly cause the acne...so that got me thinking about anti-androgens.

I have a prescripition for Yaz just waiting for me to take it, but I'm having to put it off because I am having stomache problems lately. Every time after I eat I get sick, and even last night I had to throw up before I could fall asleep. I have to say it's getting pretty bad, so I'm afraid to take anything. Anyone heard of this? (Researched Candida Overgrowth, which would be another reason not to take the BCP.) I also read that Candida could be a root cause of my basic acne...so there's that too. I've been working on getting rid of it, but had to stop the pills just in case it was causing my digestive problems. Confused for now on that one.

I also have weight problems, being underweight I mean, and I was afraid the BCP would make that worse. I want to be sure before I start anything else.

All of my acne isn't cleared up, but I havn't had the huge pimples for awhile now, and I was getting them non-stop for quite some time. So I think I was dead-on with the milk idea (For the cystic, not the small ones)

My thoughts were if I take an anti-androgen then I could drink a little bit of milk. Haha! I don't know if that'd work out how I hope, but anything is worth a try. Well, almost anything.

Anyone have any advice or input on this? I'm leaving for a week trip to Nevada tommarow, so I may not get to replying for awhile! Thanks for now!
hmm... I don't drink milk at all I never have and I still have acne. I do eat dairy, yogurt, cheese etc. Did you cut out dairy completely or just milk. If you think your acne is caused by excess anderogens why dont you try spiro it has done wonders for me I never break out since I started it and it worked for me when even accutane didn't. As for the birth control I take yasmin which is similar to yaz and it helped my skin alot but the spiro along with yasmin is what got me completely clear.