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I too had great skin whilst pregnant and then for the next 5 years dealt (deal) with cystic acne around the chin area.

I've mentioned in a couple of threads today tha Saw Palmetto; 50 mg zinc; flaxseed oil and apple cide vinegar caplets, once daily, works! I went to a dermo for 5 years, had injections, was on antibiotics for 2 years Minocycline, tried Accutane in my early 30's and did ask my GP for spiro but this remedy began workin for me (took 2 months to notice an improvement); I would ask for spiro but my acne is under control for a year now and as I take other medication I was concerned about spiro's side affects.

For sure hormones are playing a role in your current situation - there are some great books available regardin hormones & acne.
Good luck