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You should ask your doctor. He or she can look at your face and tell you. I am a lot older than you (I could be yo mama - lol), but I had the same problem as you in my 20's. I wasn't sure my acne was severe enough to go on Accutane. After many trips to my dermotologist and when nothing he prescribed helped me, he put me on Accutane. Let me tell you, deciding to go on Accutane was the best thing I ever did! I had a few reservations about going on it because of all the horrible stories you hear, but I had not one side effect other than dry eyes and hands (which all went away after I stopped taking the drug). It took a good 4 months to clear me up, but my skin was transformed and has never gone back to the state it was in before I went on it. Now, I'm not saying my skin is always perfect now. I still get an occassional huge VOLCANIC zit every now and again (always on my chin or upper lip area for some reason) but it's NOTHING like it was before. I did have to take the drug twice. The first time I was 25, I took it for 5 months - it worked miracles. Again at age 37 or 38 (can't remember exactly) I took it again for 4 months - again, it worked very well. I'm 42 now, and yes I still get a zit or two, but I can't imagine what my skin would look like now if I didn't take Accutane. I only have a few small scars on my chin area (caused by me picking at my face I'm sure - cause I'm a picker!) I was very pleased both times I took the drug. Talk to you doctor and ask for the Accutane booklet. Take it home and study it. Talk to other people about their experiences and decide if it's something you want to do. I know if I had to do it all over again, I would have asked my doc to perscribe it to me earlier! Good Luck! I hope you make the right decision - the one that's best for you!
I started having severe acne at age 8.
At 19 I went on Accutane. It was like a miracle drug! BUT, it made my lips SO dry. It was almost as much of a bother as the acne was. But my skin was so clear.
I have a history of depression, and I was one of the ones who ended up being hospitalized from psychiatric side effects (very scary!!!).
Obviously that ended the Accutane for me, lol.
I want to get on accutane but im very worried about the effects. for example, i lift weights 5 days a week and am a very competitive wrestler. Since my face is going to get very dry, will it still be safe to wrestle?
I took accutane, I have pretty bad acne which is under control at the moment. I took accutane and 5months after I stopped it my acne came back as bad as before. Im just saying that it doesn't work for everyone. I do however think it is worth trying cuz it does help lots of people. I don't regret going on it and I had some bad side effects dry eyes,lips, sore muscles and bloody noses. I went on it during the winter which I think made everything wore cuz its soo cold and windy here during the winter. But its worth a try cuz it works so well for many people.

BTW the medication that has worked wonders for me is spiro which has been a lot easier as far a side effects.
It's definitely worth a try, but accutane didn't work for me. I went through HELL while I was on it...made my skin a million times worse the entire time I was on it. I stuck it out because the derm promised it would work after I was done. My skin got better for about 3 months...then it went back to normal. The only thing that has helped keep my breakouts under control is using organic skincare.