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Hi Guys,
After suffering with pretty bad acne since I was about 14 until now (24) I finally went on Accutane and was pretty certain that very soon my acne would be nothing more than a horrible memory.
It seems it works so well for so many other people but it has been a bit mediocre with me.

I was on Accutane for 6 months
40 mg a day for month 1.....60 mg a day for months 2-6
I was told the minimum cumulative dose should be 120mg per kg of body weight.
I weigh 75 kg so my cumulative dose should be 75 x 120mg = 9000mg
I actually ended uphad 9600mg in total.

At the end of this time I was clear but, I had not been clear for long at all (Maybe a few days).
I was hoping that when I got off my skin would continue to improve but it did the exact opposite.

Within days of coming off I began breaking out pretty badly again, and a week later I looked bad! I called my derm and started taking a couple more boxes at the higher dose of 80mg a day.

I've just finished taking a further 2400mg which was 80mg a day for 30 days (2 boxes). This has taken me well over what my cumulative dose should be...Infact I've had 12000 mg or 160mg per kg all up when they recommened 120 to 150 max! My skin is very good but I am still getting faint pimples here and there.. I don't care about that I just don't want it to get worse like last time! I just don't want to keep taking anymore of this sh*t...I am sick of the side effects and it should have damn worked by now.

My question is how many of you who were not 100% completely clear at the end of the couse ended up becoming 100% clear in the coming months?

Thanks for listening any advice or words of encouragement would be incredibly appreciated.
I took Accutane at 18yrs and was clear for 10yrs. Then I took it again at 29yrs and have been clear for 3yrs.