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I'm a male, 23, and have suffered moderate/severe cystic acne since I was in 8th grade. The only thing that ever really worked 100% was Accutane. Unfortunately, it can get quite costly and it was not a permanent fix. The acne came back about 8 months after stopping the medication.

Recently I've tried Garlic pills and, while it doesn't completely cure the acne, I notice a large reduction in the amount of large cysts I get. I tried several different brands and only one seems to produce consistent results. They are individually sealed tablets by Nature Made. I guess the fact that they are individually sealed keeps them "fresh". The other bottled capsules I tried produced no results. There may be other effective brands out there though if you want to give it a shot. I usually take three 500mg tablets a day after a meal with lots of water. I should warn you though that garlic tablets are not very pleasing to swallow. Don't take them on an empty stomach either.
cystic acne is from too much sebum from hormonal changes in our body. It is also an inherited gene. I have done everything possible and now after 40 years, I am clear. All from menopause and no more periods meaning the hormonal change from no more periods was the problem all along. I can only tell you that Spiro was the only thing that cleared my family's acne. It was a miracle and accutane by itself worked at clearing up 40% of their cysts. Men can not take this because of the reduction of testestorone and problems associated with it. Just wanted to share my story.:)
As another poster said it definetley sounds hormonal. I too am in my 30's and have always had hormonal break-outs. I have literally tried every single product out there. The best antibiotic for me was Keflex, the generic form. It definetley helped me but I didn't know how good an idea to take an antibiotic long term was, so I asked for Accutane. I had great results, but the acne came back again after my course of it. They say it is more likely to come back when it is hormone related. Finally I decided to get on a birth control pill called YAZ. It has spirolactone in it, it is supposed to help with PMDD as well, (which I also have), and even out hormone levlss. I do not take it for the birth control aspect as my tubes are tied. I have been on it for 5 days so I can't really tell a difference yet. Hope this was of some help I will update in a few weeks to let you know if the Yaz is wworking. Good Luck!