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Obviously I haven't really cured it... but...

A week ago I started trying the B5 remedy (pantothenic acid / panethine). By about day 3 I had hardly any face oil. I have had acne since I was 11 years old... seen about 4 different dermatologists who wanted to throw an oral antibiotic and a cream at me, with no results. On my own, I've tried herbs, hormones, spent hundreds and hundreds of dollars... but nothing. Still tons of oil. Still tons of acne. I can't go out in public "acne." Every day before school, I'd shower at 8am, and by noon I could drench 2.5 of those absorbant oil sheets. No joke.

On day 3, doing the same routine, the same everything, I only needed to use 1/2 of a sheet. I was elated. I started to cry. I mean, that's something thats "measurable"... not subjective. It's the real thing.

OK. So what does this mean?????? I've tried everything in the book, and now something is working. Does this mean I have a coenzyme A deficiency? Is this something that can only be controlled with the pantothenic acid or pantethine? Do dermatologists KNOW about this treatment, or are they just going to continue to throw antibiotics at us so we can become immune to other more harmful bacterias, and continue to not treat the real, underlying cause... THE OIL?????? (I mean, Accutane isn't for everyone.... they wouldn't give it to me because of a family history of mental illness)...

Thanks for reading.