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I started clarus 3 days ago, first two days i took 40mg and since then i've decided just to take 80mg a day like my doctor told me to, today is going to be day 4, i have one medium sized pimple on the side of my face, nothing unusual, but its going away as of today. i had a breakout a few days ago, all those pimples are pretty much gone now as usual, and i have a few really tiny white heads around my mouth/chin
i consider my acne hard to describe, around my chin upper lip/mouth area i get the usual white head breakouts almost daily, and the occasional cystic one on my chin. the sides of my face rarely get any kind of pimples, however it looks like a huge mountain chain, soooo bumpy with under the skin bumps? and black heads, it's so gross, i'm really hoping all that crap doesn't pop out when accutane kicks in!! any one know? the worst part of my skin is the oiliness, it doesn't seem to affect the cheeks much but my forehead and under eye skin beside my nose. ironically enough i bought anti oil wipes last friday and have been using them frequently throughout the day, and my forehead hasn't been this clear for a long time, i really hope accutane really gets rid of my oily skin! what makes my skin look worse than pimples is all the blackheads too :(
any way, i'll start keepign updates starting tomorrow!! i know i wrote a lot, thats sweet if you read it all! feel free to share your story too
Well this is my fourth month on Accutane, it has worked wonders for me. I started getting acne when I was ten, and it became severe around twelve. So my mom and I went to see a dermatologist she had me on Antibiotics for two years. She finally put me on Accutane four months ago. It took me about a month to notice a difference. But today I don't have a single zit anywhere, and yes your face will get extremly dry and flaky so I suggest exfoliateating and moisterizing a BUNCH. Also I don't know if this will happan to you but I get very fatigued after I eat since I've been on Accutane. Best of luck!