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I think I have tried all the treatments for my acne except accutane. Its all most 10 years now since I have started the first medicine PanOxyl, and from then onwards I have been using various Retinoids and Benzyl Peroxide creams and gels. In addition I used antibiotic capsules and tablets time to time prescribed by a dermatologist. 2 years back my acne got healed completely and they never returned. But again from last year I am getting few pimples especially during the menstruation cycle. I am 30 years old now, but why do I still get these? Isn't there any permanent solution for this. Though my condition is not severe I am really worried about the matter. Now I am again on Isotrex for 1 month but still I get them no matter. My real worry is they are big in size and gets years to heal leaving dark patches.