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Hi Susie,
Sorry you are having such difficulties getting in to see a neurosurgeon. :( I agree with everything Baxter said (very well said, Baxter).

I think you should call and make the appointment yourself; don't rely on others to do this for you, because you may be forgotten (paperwork, paperwork...).

The hydrocodone can be addictive, but necessary for you if you're having pain - so don't worry about that for now. When you do talk to your doctor, tell him to prescribe something stronger - like oxycodone. Hydrocodone is the narcotic agent in Vicodin, and oxycodone is the narcotic in Percocet. Vicodin has 500mg of acetaminophen (Tylenol) in each tablet, whereas Percocet has 325mg. Percocet may give you better relief with the stronger narcotic, and you won't be overdoing it on the acetaminophen.

Good luck to you - :)