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Ain't we got fun, Lori !! Now your arthritis is in the act and mine too. Limping around on these painful legs and feet has aggravated the right knee and left hip which glucosamine sulfate and Vioxx had helped a little bitty bit. Now they hurt along with the back , legs and feet. This is just ridiculous at our age. How old are you again, I forget ? I am 57 , be 58 in August and feel 98. I am the very same as you , the bed is the last place I want to be, what difference does it make where we hurt, sitting, standing, walking , working, lying in bed, it's all the same. I have to do things here too, have too, DH is not home to do it. I went and got my meds today , smeared on a little makeup , pulled my hair up in a bun and went off looking like the wrath of God. I just could not be bothered with my hair. I could not deal with that. I went there and then to the post office and mailed a package. It has about 10 steps. I went up them sideways ! heehee. Doing laundry now, life goes on . Gotta do more packing up for the weekend in SA too. Somehow we keep going. Here is what the dr called in Generic Darvocet called Propo-N/APAP contains propoxyphene (whatever that is ) and acetaminophen. , tis a combination of a narcotic analgesic and tylenol used to relieve mild to moderate pain. Says take 1 or 2 every 4 to 6 hours as needed. I took 1 at 10am and 1 at 2pm, I see no pain relief yet but did not want to take 2 at a time till I saw what they did. Pharmacist said they would make me sleepy , but of course they don't , nothing makes me sleepy . Anyway there are 50 tablets here, no refills, thank goodness only $5 co pay since it is generic. Then the Bextra is basically like Vioxx looks like to me, is a Cox 2 inhibitor . He prescribed only 20 pills to be taken once per day and no refills. It was $30.27 co pay , full price for that 20 pills would have been $64.62. Sigh. No relief yet. Also the pharmacist told me I could take a Natural Herbal Diuretic but no other kind with the thyroid and high BP , etc. So I got one by Natures Bounty called Extra Strength Water Pill. It has not helped yet either . But I am hopeful that I can get thru the trip with all this and then I have to have a serious talk with this Dr about the fact that my life is just going down the tubes thanks to this back and see if there is PT here and if he will prescribe it. Sorry your nite was so bad but glad today is a little better. I'll check back in with you later. Soldier on. Lia