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First question, and just mainly a question b/c of rating of pain, where do you fit in the below pain scale? still 6 or 7? Also, if this is something that just occurs only ocassionally its really hard to say. The best thing one can say is that you are at least not in pain all the time. What you should recognize if you already don't is to make sure you propery lift things and always be careful of sitting, standing too long. If its something like a degenerative disc that could be just acting up it may something to come later that you can hold off by properly taking care of body.

Only other thing is possibly just the way you slept, maybe that particular night you slept too much on stomach and irritated your back. Hopefully something that simple.

Not much help for you, sorry. Good luck and hope someone has some more help for you.

The below pain scale was created suggested by another board member some time ago, gives perspective of pain though we go thru and helps each other understand the pain another person is really going through.

0 - Pain Free
1 - Very minor annoyance - mild aches to some parts of the body. No pain medication needed.
2 - Minor annoyance - dull aches to some parts of the body. No pain medication needed.
3 - Annoying enough to be distracting. Over-the-Counter paid relievers
(such as Naproxen Sodium, Acetaminophen, or topical treatments) take care of it.
4 - Can be ignored if you are really involved in your work, but still distracting. Over-the-Counter pain relievers
remove pain for 3-4 hours.
5 - Can’t be ignored for more than 30 minutes. Over-the-Counter pain relievers help somewhat
(bring pain level from 5 to a 3 or 4) with pain for 3-4 hours.
6 - Can’t be ignored for any length of time, but you can still go to work and participate in social activities.
Stronger painkillers (such as Ultram) relieve pain for 3-4 hours.
7 - Makes it difficult to concentrate, interferes with sleep. You can still function with effort. Stronger
painkillers (such as Ultram) are only partially effective. (Stronger pain killers bring pain from a 7 to 4-6.)
8 - Physical activity severely limited. You can read and converse with effort. Stronger pain killers
(such as Ultram) are not effective. (Narcotic pain killers do bring this pain down to a level 3 or lower.)
9 - Non functional for all practical purposes. Cannot concentrate. Physical activity halted. Panic sets in.
(Narcotic pain killers bring the pain level down from 9 to the 4-6 level.)
10 -Totally non-functional. Unable to speak. Crying out or moaning uncontrollably - near delirium.

Auto Accident Aug 1988
L3-4 disectomy 1989
L3-4 now re-herniated
L4-5 DDD
L5-S1 herniated
5/14--trial stimulator implant(went well enough for full implant)
6/11/03--scheduled for full implant(medtronic)
Hopefully to hold on for ADR

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