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Hi Rudy, :wave:
I'm glad the surgery went well. Is the pain in your butt and leg gone?

Vicodin is a narcotic medication (hydrocodone and acetaminophen, aka Tylenol) that can sometimes make people nauseated. If you can tolerate your pain with ibuprofen that's great. Percocet is a stronger medication than Vicodin - that's what worked best for me. I had Vicodin to start and had to call the clinic for a script for Percocet since my pain wasn't controlled. But after a week I was fine.

Having a laminectomy is major surgery, so take the time to let yourself heal. In reading the other posts here, you seemed to think that you would start PT after 2 weeks? What kinds of activity restrictions did your surgeon give you? Take as much time off work as you can. Next week sounds awfully soon to me.

Take it easy - Have fun on St. Patrick's day! Just remember to be aware that if you drink your Guinness, you may get too carefree with your back. That was my experience when I had a few last weekend. :)

Had right pain down butt/leg/toes for over 2 years.
MRI confirmed L5-S1 disc herniation
Discogram confirmed L5-S1 disc tear
Tried chiro, PT, epi steriod injections, more PT... to no avail
Insurance denied IDET
Had L5-S1 hemilaminectomy with microdiscectomy on 2/18/03 - now pain free!!!