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Hi Eeyoretigger!

Yes, I would definitely recommend Cleveland Clinic! I am seeing Dr. E. David Thomas out of the Mayfield office (Hillcrest Hospital) and, Now I am also seeing Dr. Nagy Mikhail. He is the one who suggested trying the facet joint injection. If THAT doesn't work, we'll be doing another discogram (which I rather think w/b happening and so does Dr. T).

I really have alot of faith in these doctors to find out what is causing my pain. Fort Wayne isn't horribly far, it it?

As for not taking the vicodin. You say that you're on oxy 2xday - I am, too. But, I take percocet for Break Through. Didn't they give you anything for that? Has your stomach pain progressed to the point where you're not able to take Any APAP? If not, perhaps you could ask about using the vicodin for BT. And, if not that, there are other alternatives that have little to no acetaminophen.

I hope this helps a little! :)