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I took Hydrocodone for about two days and it made me feel anxious and depressed so I decided to stop. It took about 72 hours before all of the effects finally cleared. I experienced flu-like synptoms during withdrawl; body aches, weak, tight chest and bloated stomach. About two weeks later, I really needed to sleep and took only one before bed. The entire process started over again. For me, the only solution was to quit cold turkey. I tried tylenol but this contains Acetaminophen, and the tight chest resulted, not nearly as bad as the Hydrocodone.

After surgery, I experienced the same 72 hour withdrawal, they must have given me a narcotic pain killer in the IV. Since then I have only taken an occasional aspirin, and sometimes an Advil before bed. I chose not to use any heavy pain killers after surgery, me reasoning is that it is important to listen to what your body is trying to tell you, so that you don't over do anything.