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Hi.... My pain management doctor put me on Methadone this last time when I went and saw him... they took me off the vicodin because they said that the acetaminophen in it can cause serious damage to the liver... and told me that Methadone is a narcotic pain med like vicodin but without the acetaminophen....I am on 5mg twice a day...they want to gradually increase me to 10mg twice daily.... I am supposed to take one of the morning and one of the evening... I can only take the one at night because it knockes me out... and all the next day I feel really loopy and sleepy... so for anyone that says it does not give you that looped out feeling.... I would beg to differ as well...on top of the Methadone... I was perscribed Zanaflex 4mg 1-2 tablets at bedtime as well.. which is a muscle relaxer....when I take this in combination with the Methadone about 30 min before I go to bed.... it knockes me out cold... I talked to my PM doc the other day and they ask how the meds were helping my pain... I basically told them..." It does nothing for my pain when I am awake.... but I suppose it helps when I am asleep.... because I sleep right through the pain...and don't have much time to think about the pain......Im sorry you are having such a problem getting your pain meds as well.... But I do know that when my PM Doc perscribed the Methadone for me, they told me NOT to up my dose on my own without calling and asking about it, because If I do that and run out and then call saying I am out of pain meds they will not be able to refill it before I come for my next visit... because it is such a controlled substance....so I have to go see them every 30 days if for nothing else... refills on my meds...Good Luck to you... Hope things work our and you find a doctor who is more compassionate and caring...... Take Care..