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I was on Vicodin ES for over 4 yrs. Recently, I began seeing a new pain management doctor and he suggested I stop taking the vicodin immediately b/c of the level of acetaminophen in it. He said it is a huge contributer to renal system failure if you take it long term. Per his advice, I switched to oxycodone, which is the active ingredient in vicodin. I get 60 5mg pills a month and usually bite them in half (oxycodone is not time released like oxycontin), so 2 pills a day. This works very well for me. Once in a while if my pain is worse, I'll take a whole but it seems to have an effect on my short term memory and concentration. Overall, I'm very happy with them and from what I've heard, they are a little more safe than the vicodin es. Good luck finding what's right for you!