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Hi all,

I've recently signed up with healthboards but have been browsing through it for a few months now. I must say the posts have been very informative, you all seem like caring people. I usually don't post on message boards, kind of the shy, silent, private type... but I do read a lot of posts.

Anyway, here's my background...

Nov. 17-21/04...Started experiencing progressive sciatic pain in right leg that moved down and numbed the sole of my foot within a 5 day period. I'd lost my achilles reflex by this time and was walking with a limp but pain was fairly bearable.(let me point out here I do have a high tolerance to pain, my PT calls me the Queen of pain)
Nov. 22/04... Doctor diagnosed nerve impingement, advised 2 weeks off work, prescribed NSAIDs. Pain did not subside, MRI was scheduled.
Dec. 30/04... Lumbar MRI was performed
Jan. 7/05... MRI revealed straightening of the normal lumbar lordosis, disc bulge @T12/L1, focal disc protrusions @L4/L5 & L5/S1 with 4mm anterior annular tear and right side S1 nerve impingement. Ortho. surgeon appointment scheduled.
Jan.15 /05... started physiotherapy twice/week for first 2 months then once/week to present.
Jan. 20/05... Ergo assessment was given by employer and schedule was set up by a 'return to work specialist' for me.
Jan. 26/05... Started back to work... 5hrs 4 times/wk, supposed to progress to 12hrs by Feb. 28.
Mar. 24/05... Appt. with Ortho. informed me surgery isn't required at this time as I was improving but to come back if my quality of life became affected.
Mar. - May... Employers Ins. Co. continually called pestering me to work 12hr shifts saying they no longer had medical evidence to qualify me for short term disability even though my condition worsened the more I worked and they had numerous notes from medical professionals stating I could not work 12hr shifts yet.
May 12/05... Insurance Co. insisted I work full 12hr shifts as my STD expires the first week of June and I'd have to go on Long term dis. if I wasn't working 100% of my hours by then. They also said I couldn't get time off work to pick up my kids(9,7 & 6) from school unless I worked my full shifts. I'd always been able to get time off when needed(using vacation) before my injury.
May 14-15/05... I worked 12hrs both days despite progressive pain as I needed time off due to lack of baby-sitter.
May 19/05 - Went to Physio appt. in excruciating pain, way worse than I'd originally experienced back in Nov./04. My PT called and threatened the Ins. Co. with legal action if they didn't back down and try to work with me to accommodate me during my recovery. What a difference that made.
Currently I'm improving, mind you very slowly, but have still been in constant and at times excruciating pain since May 16. I've also found out I'm not required to work 100% of my daily 12hr shift to be considered off STD, I need only work 75% or 9hrs which I'm currently working.

I'm still going to Physio and working on a gym program there. I'm trying acupuncture which seems to be helping a bit and my husband just bought me a hot tub for my birthday which also seems to do me a world of good. I try not to take the prescription nsaids (novodifenac) preferring to take acetaminophen or aspirin and only when I can no longer bear the pain. I'd prefer not to have surgery if I can help it and as long as I keep improving I think I'll keep putting it off. Hopefully I'm making the right decisions.

I'd like to thank you all for all the information I've absorbed from other users posts on these boards, you're all so very helpful