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OK, if your original script says 60 10mg percocet and she only has 5mg, then she should have given you 120 of the 5mg percs. I would still be a little concerned about taking twice the dose of acetaminophen that was prescribed. Besides, what kind of pharmacy does not carry 10/325 oxycodone?:confused:
Anyway I would certainly talk to my Doctor about this. The one thing a pharmacist should be able to do is simple arithmetic? it should be a requirement to get a license. (you would think) I guess it could be a simple mistake as well. Must think positive!
Hope you get it straightened out soon.

Quote from babs17:
2 questions regarding my new med:

Percocet 5mg is Oxycodone 5mg and Tylenol 325mg. There is also Oxycodone 5mg. Are there any other differences b/t the two?

And my MD ordered Oxycodone 10mg every 6 hrs. The pharmacist gave me 5mg pills. Take two every 6 hrs. (that made sense) The original script said 60 pills of 10mg....when I got the bottle it was 60 pills of 5mg. I asked the pharmacist and she said she changed it herself b/c they did not carry any 10mg pills. Is this correct? (that did not make sense to me...no?)

Did your doctor write the prescription for a 10mg combination oxycodone/acetaminophen product? Or for plain oxycodone 10mg? If your doctor wrote the prescription for the plain 10mg oxycodone your pharmacist is correct in that is there is not even a product made at that dose. There are 5 mg tablets and capsules, and 15 mg and 30 mg tablets.

There are very strict laws that govern the dispensing of CII narcotics. Some of these laws may vary from state to state. Many pharmacists would flat out refuse to fill a prescription for a CII drug that was written for a dose that does not exist. [[COLOR="DarkRed"]removed]and in my state the board of pharmacy would allow the pharmacist clarify the dose of the drug with the prescribing physician. Thus after speaking to the physician, if the pharmacist had been presented with a prescription for 10mg Oxycodone they could dispense the correct 5mg dose instead. In my state they could also make changes to the quantity and directions for use to make the dispensed prescription therapeutically equivalent to the original written prescription. Other states may not be as lenient!!! It could be that the state you live in would not allow the pharmacist to deviate from the stated quantity on the prescription no matter what the circumstances are. Give the pharmacist the benefit of the doubt. She didn't turn you away when you presented her with a prescription that could not be filled as written. My guess is that the previous 5 pharmacies you went to did exactly that once they saw the precription. I'd bet they didn't want to deal with the hassel and they sent you on your way. Call your prescriber and explain that you were only able to get filled #60 of the 5 mg dose rather than the 10 mg dose, and give them the phone number of the pharmacy to call and verify. I'm sure everything will be fine.

And in regards to the pharmacist who tried to help you, if you cause trouble for her you are only going to teach her to send the next person who comes with a similar problem on their way just like those other pharmacists did to you.