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I was told never to go cold turkey off Lyrica. To taper over several weeks??? I take Norco. Have for over 4 years or more. I was moved over to Methadone and twice to Oxycotin. All three times wound up in the ER. Twice with a hospital stay of 6 days. My heart and lungs couldn't take the heavy opiates. At first I feel o.k., then I start with sweats and dry heaves. I was taking up to 12 Norco per day. Now I have dropped down to 8 per day . 10/350. They go as high as 10/750. That is to much acetaminophen in one day. How much was in the Norco you were taking? Should be around 4000 or 3000 if taking on a regular basis. Has your eyes and skin been turning yellow? With class 2 drugs you really have to watch your breathing as per previous poster. Hope you get your meds straightened out and get some pain relief.