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I need some advice I guess. . My surgeon has some serious issues with giving out pain meds. Surgery was the 8th and he has given me one more week of percocet 7.5 oxy and I forget the acetaminophen in it. The percocet is doing almost nothing for the pain and in a week he is cutting that off and giving me vicodin which has never worked at all in the past. My mom and I both know he won't up the oxy in the percocet or give me percocet for longer. I end up crying most days because of the pain and wake up in the middle of the night when the 3-4 hrs of sortof pain relief has worn off. Having to get up, eat, and take more meds isn't a HUGE deal but it is very annoying.

I guess my question is do you guys think I should see a pain management doc? From all your reponses it sounds like my pain levels are relatively on track and won't be subsiding in the next week or two. I know walk, walk, walk is the best way to heal, but I am usually in so much pain I can't do more than pace across the room a few times. My doc just doesn't want to give me more meds. . Either he knows I am recovering cocaine addict (I didn't tell him) or this is how he is. Is a PMD my best option? Or should my pain be a lot less than it is?