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On your MRI did it show any nerve involvement? Your doctor is going to do a micro discectomy. Did he mention a laminectomy also? It sounds like possibly some nerve involvement with the pain traveling down your leg. If you have your report from the MRI post what it says regarding the area of the disc involved. There are several people on here that are real good with going over MRI reports. I wouldn't worry about the pain meds. Only the acetaminophen should be kept to under 4000mg. Preferably under 3000mg with regular use. It can cause liver damage. I was given 10/350 Norco so that I could take more and not get to much acetaminophen in my system. IF you are hestiant in your decision because the doctor was so quick in his dicision for surgery, then get a second opinion. Try to keep the pain down as much as possible. You need to have faith in the doctor you choose and you need to keep as positive as you can. Good luck and keep us posted.