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I have had a problem with my back and pelvis for about 8 years. It is getting progressively worse. I have been told that I have arthritis, but the pain does not respond to pain relievers. My spine cracks and clicks all the time when I turn to the right, left bends back, or forward. When I sit and stand up,, I feel pain in the front near where my legs join my torso, like the muscles are too short and in the slabs of muscle that are attached to my back on each side... When I lay in bed at night, I have to put a pillow under my stomach to support my spine and keep it straight, if it curves, the pain wakes me up, and at times I wake up locked in place and unable to move for the pain’ I also have to keep a pillow under me when I sleep on my side. My hands and arms fall asleep at night, and I wake up with painful numbness and tingling. The pain does not respond to aspirin, ibuprofen, or acetaminophen. I have been prescribed Mobic 7.5 mg. But I am afraid to take these continually.
Also, this pelvic and back pain affect my bowel movements, I am constantly constipated.
Does anyone have any idea what is wrong with me? My quality of life has been drastically affected.