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for some reason...the drs just dont want to give good meds for pain these days...i guess because of all the ones that abuses them. i have taken both of those meds...they were a joke! (i didnt take them together though). im now on tramadol with acetaminophen...again...a joke. i have to take double the dose to feel the effects...then im too drowsy to do anything!! so i cant win for losing. fortunately...i have high tolerance to pain. most days...my pain levels are 4-5.....but i do have 8,9 and 10 days!! hopefully physical therapy will work...but it didnt for me....BUT...im on wc and they only prescribed me 10 visits....woo hoooo! so i wasnt really given a chance to see if it was going to help or not.

i dont know much about a neurosurgeon visit....am facing my very first visit next week...and am scared to death!!! i do not want surgery!!!!! i am PRAYING really hard that he will see just how pathetic my treatment has been thus far and will approve for me to do more pt for awhile before surgery is even thought about!! personally...the more i read on here and other forums about the failure rates of back surgeries....one surgery turning into 2 and 3 surgeries and still no relief....id rather keep mine just the way that it is....just for them to do pt and do whatever they can to keep it stablilized to where it doesnt get any worse.

I know how you feel about not being able to sit or stand for that long. And not enjoying a trip to Walmart anymore......not being able to lay on your sides, back, stomach....just wait til you start getting the bruised feeling in your feet....(hopefully you wont...but if you ever notice a bruised feeling upon standing after laying or sitting a certain way......its connected!!)....
luckily it doesnt last but a few seconds....but nevertheless...it makes you walk like you are drunk.....because you have less stability in your foot until that sensation goes away. at times, my foot also rolls to the side while walking....after getting up from a laying position or certain ways i sit. so....theres always a chance that you will develop more than just the burning and pain......

how long has your injury been going on?? mine has been for 18 months now.