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OK I need some advice because I think that I may be trying to do too many things at once. First I am off the tramadol completely for 8 days now :) Second, I am trying to cut down on my BT meds(Percocet) or take them very rarely so I increased the patch by 12mcg. I was able to get down to only taking 1 (5/325 Percocet) yesterday. The problem was that I started getting a pretty bad headache(probably from increase in patch and decrease in the amount of acetaminophen - rebound headaches suck which I kind of forgot about). So I took 1000mg of tylenol before going to bed. Well, that must have been too much or something because I know it makes the fentanyl more effective and I was very drowsy this morning. I took the 12mcg patch off, had to take 1000mg of acetaminophen. So do you guys think that I am trying to do too much. Should I try to eliminate as much acetaminophen as possible by eliminating the Percocet as much as possible? Should I not go up on the patch and just stick with taking 3-4 Percocets a day with additional acetaminophen as needed? I have been staying at or below 1300mg/day of acetaminophen which is much better than a couple of months ago when I was taking 3900mg/day. I don't know what to do and what is going to be best for me long term. Any ideas?

I don't think that I can handle the additional 12mcg patch. I am just going to stay where I am at and try to accept the pain that I am in and realize that things probably will not get much better with additional meds but only an increase in side effects. I'm sure my doctor will be impressed. I also am not taking the Ambien either because I found that only taking 1(50mg) benadryl does the job and I am not as sedated the next day. Thanks for helping me along my CP journey.


p.s. My current plan is taking the 50mcg fentanyl patch, 600mg/day Lyrica, 1500mg/day Trileptal, up to 4/day(Percocet 5/325) as needed, 50mg benadryl(for sleep), and acteminophen(as needed for bad bt times but not to go over 3000mg TOTAL acetaminophen), and ibuprofen as needed for bad BT pain