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Dear Darlene:

Please try to not worry so much about having hip replacement. Of course, I KNOW this is easier said than done!

My experiences before having my right hip replaced last December, were pretty much the same as Tobias'.

I never had any tripping or falling during my rehab - I used the walker until I felt sure of using the cane, and now, at the 6 month stage, I am just about ready to walk without any support, even when I leave the house for errands. However, I do use the walker in the middle of the night - just for safety, and I also have a kitty that just might get underfoot. Actually, any pain I have in walking, now, is from the knee on the other side. I think I might be needing that hip replaced. Have osteoarthritis in my hips. The operated hip side has no pain at all now.

As for using your new bidet - would a toilet riser fit over that and still allow it to be used properly? I am not familiar with bidets. Maybe some other reader here, is, and could comment.

Recovery from hip replacement happens so rapidly. There are those first couple of days in the hospital where any pain you might have is very well covered by meds, and the hospital people will take wonderful care of you. They are really great, in my experience. Actually, I don't remember having pain. And after the two weeks in a rehab facility, I got along with extra strength acetaminophen.

Then with the physical therapy that starts just about immediately, you will see improvement each day. It is amazing how fast things get better in your walking. You will be using a walker right away. Each day you will suddenly realize things are better than yesterday. At least that is my experience!

We hope you will keep reading and posting here and letting us know how you are coming along.

Shirley H.