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Hi Maggie:

I am so glad that what I had to say about my hip replacement recovery and rehab were helpful to you. I stay on this board because the reports and tips made by previous people were so helpful to me. I really couldn't have gone through it without all that help.

As for the next, left hip, replacement - I will wait to see what my hip surgeon has to say about that this December. I was told that the left hip was less seriously in need of replacement than the right.

Now for quite a few months I have had serious knee/thigh/groin pain in my left leg,that makes me limp, but a couple extra strength acetaminophen tablets every 24 hours take the edge off. However, I dislike taking any meds at all. I don't know if this is just knee pain, or referred pain from my left hip. Probably the hip surgeon will know the answer.

I am just about ready emotionally to have another surgery for my other hip. It does take a while to get one's head around going through those weeks of sleeping on the back, though! That for me was the worst part. I just can't sleep on my back. I do not mind the recovery from surgery or the post op exercises. My muscles seem to be strong and in good shape. So I do think the other hip replacement is in the near future for me.

So glad you are doing so well. Please do keep posting to help and encourage others.

Shirley H.