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  1. tylenol as a sleep aid for babies?
    ... needed. I have had liver panels done due to long term Acetaminophen use because I have bursittis. Tylenol can harm the...
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  2. Experts Caution Parents
    ... Take a look at this: Acetaminophen -- best known as Tylenol -- is widely used to treat ... coma and death. Therefore, pediatricians recommend acetaminophen for fever. Taking too much acetaminophen, which ... can best prevent this rare but devastating effect of acetaminophen . Discuss the appropriate use of acetaminophen for ... receive specific instruction on the proper use of acetaminophen , including correct dose, strength, and how long and ... give it to their children; Avoid the use of rectal acetaminophen unless told by your child's doctor that it is OK; ... misconception that "more is better" when it comes to acetaminophen , or any over-the-counter medication; Be careful when ... medicines since many different types actually contain acetaminophen . Using more than one of these medicines at the same ... time will increase the danger. Look for " acetaminophen " on the ingredients label; Tell your pharmacist if ... your child is taking acetaminophen when getting a new prescription filled since drug ... dangers of this are very controversial. Overall, acetaminophen is known to be a very effective and safe drug, but ... be particularly susceptible to the side effects of acetaminophen . Children with diabetes Obese children Children ... doctors some reassuring advice that will hopefully keep acetaminophen 's side effects to a minimum. "Although parental...
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