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You have a doc who makes house calls?? I guess my longest time on the bowl would also be about 45 minutes. There was a time last year when I had a really bad stomach virus, and for about 2 weeks, I literally could not leave the house because I would have to go every 5 minutes and then be on the bowl for 15 or 20 minutes and then have to go back 5 or 10 minutes later. Have you ever had a Colonoscopy? I had one recently, and that is how I was diagnosed with IBS. My doc has me taking something called Culturelle, which is really just Lactobacilus, a digestive aid. This has helped me a little bit. It is pretty expensive though ($20-$30) and even though it is supposed to be over the counter, the only way I could get it was by having him write a prescription for it and having Walgreens order it through the pharmacy, because the don't usually stock it. Do you have any luck with things like Immodium? I like Lomotil the best. It shuts it down cold. The only thing is that it can make you drowsy. I am also very lactose intolerant, so instead of taking 1 lactaid pill when eating dairy, I take 4-6. I also only eat Lactaid Ice Cream. (which is absolutely fantastic, by the way) Do you get any other stomach problems other than the terrible diahrrea? I also get reflux, go I am on aciphex for that. I find that it works pretty well. A few years ago I had an endoscopy and my doc said that he never saw anything redder than the lining of MY stomach. So he put me on this "wonder drug" called Carafate. And what do you know, within days of starting it, I could eat again without feeling like there was something burning a hole in my esophagus. For me, the diahrrea has pretty much become apart of daily life though. It has gotten much better, and I am no longer totally incapacitated by it, but there are times, like when I have my period, that I cannot get off of the bowl for more than 5 minutes. I used to NEVER eat salad because of the diahrrea it gave me, but now I have found that eating a nice sized salad during the day actually has helped me with the diahrrea, because, I guess we do need a little roughage to be regular. Also, stay completely away from soda (cause it will give you gas and cramps) and other caffeinated beverages or beverages with a lot of added sugar (or sugar substitutes, especially) because those will definitely give you a stomachache. No milk either. Take a calcium supplement. Milk can cause bad diahrrea in a person with a weak stomach. Do you see a Gastrointerologist? (GI doc). I started going to one and then liked him so much that I began to use him as my primary care physician! I hope you get to feeling better soon,

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