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(Note that this is just based on what I've gathered from my own 2 stones - I can't make guarantees. I wish I could - then I wouldn't be at such a risk myself! :) )

It depends on the type of stone, of course. Did you catch yours and have it analyzed? That's the best way to go - you can find out what formed them in the first place. I tried to catch mine and couldn't. I guess I missed them.

Have your doctor do a 24-hour urine exam. It's a pain to do - you have to save your urine for 24 hours. But, it can give you an idea of what might be going on in your body. I found out that I have decreased citrate in my body. That's probably the cause of mine.

You are correct in saying that water is the ABSOLUTE most important thing you can do. It's vital for WHATEVER caused the stone to begin with. It's the one thing that's common to all stone sufferers. But, you can also start drinking lemonade. Lemons have citrate in them - it's said that this helps prevent the stones somewhat. Plus, the lemonade is increasing your fluid intake - and easier to get down, sometimes, than plain water! Some products have potassium citrate in them - for instance, some of the Crystal Light powdered drinks have it (read the label, though - not all of theirs has it). There are other products that also have it - you just need to start checking labels. It's put in there to prevent caking, if I'm not mistaken. If necessary, you can even get a prescription for potassium citrate. I had to do that, because of my own condition.

You're going to find lists of foods to eat and not eat that are going to drive you up the wall! One list will say "This causes a stone" and the next will say "This PREVENTS a stone"! It gets infuriating. Basically, from what I gather, you just need to do all in moderation to be safe.

I kept complaining of heartburn around the time that I got the stones. The doctor wouldn't listen to me (of course :rolleyes: ). Finally, on my own, I discovered something. The two may have been related after all! (Imagine that - the patient was actually correct!) The Pepcid that I was taking had calcium carbonate in it. Calcium carbonate is one of the worst things to take if you're a stone former! So, take a look at some of the things you're ingesting - pretty much all heartburn remedies are horrible for those of us who form stones. If you have frequent heartburn, go ahead and ask your doctor for something like Aciphex or one of those kinds of products - according to my doctor, that's safe for us to take.

Good luck! And, keep me updated on what you learn about reducing the risk, too. Remember that I'm in the same boat and am looking for answers as well! :)