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I THINK you have angina. Horrible news about the near-to-no insurance. The most telling symptom is the chest and arm discomfort on walking....this is classic. But in truth, this main symptom CAN be a referral from the irritated esophagus (though usually not affected by walking.)

My mom went for decades never knowing whether any particular attack of pain was caused by her angina or her serious GERD condition.
After failing health and several hospitalizations, they stopped her daily aspirin to prevent the esophageal erosion and she had a fatal heart attack that week. For some horrible reason (an avenging God?) these two diseases seem so often to go hand in hand.

You need a stress test with a nuclear marker to diagnose that angina (or angiography) and a GERD workup and some long term treatment with a zantac/tagament type drug (reasonable price) or a proton pump like Prilosec or Aciphex (NOT reasonably priced).

Until you can afford to do something, NEVER forget your daily aspirin.