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Hi, just got back from the doc and asked him that question. He said it can definitely effect urination. He also said that the constipation has to come from someplace though and he believes I am suffering from anxiety since xanax takes all the symtoms away from me. The zelnorm makes me go to the bathroom every morning (where I could not before and would be doubled over in pain weekly). The xanax takes the bladder pressure and chest pains away.

He did tell me to stay on the zelnorm and also gave me aciphex and upped my xanax dosage. I go for a gallbladder scan next tuesday and an endoscopy on the 30th to rule it out. Thank God I'm going to the bathroom now because I really didn't want a colonoscopy!:(

Have you gone to a doctor yet? Also I find that apricots help. Citrucel helps too but makes your "movement" a funny color.