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I posted a thread over in Diet and Nutrition concerning questions I have about the glycemic index pertaining to a doctor advised high fiber/strict low cholesterol/low fat diet.

I had 3 colon polyps removed a couple of months ago and they were precancerous. I was advised to go onto a high fiber diet, prescribed Aciphex and told to have a repeat colonoscopy in a year due to high risk.

I then had a physical with my family doctor and received a letter stating that she advised the strict low cholesterol/low fat diet. My Triglycerides are 344, my HDL is 42 and my LDL is 93 for a total cholesterol of 204. From the literature she sent me and reading on the net I found that to lower the triglyceride level that "avoiding sweets and to control the amount of carbohydrates you eat (starchy food such as flour, bread, potatoes) is the advised plan. I received some great advice on the high cholesterol forum as far as supplements and suggestions of looking into the glycemic index. There were some surprises waiting for me on the index. I have followed a low fat plan for years and enjoy 100 percent whole wheat bread almost exclusively. I found on the index that my whole wheat is listed at 72 while whole rye is 50 and pumpernicket is 49. That is a pretty big difference.

How closely would you advise me to follow the low glycemic plan in my situation? I understand that under 50 or 55 is considered low glycemic so the 72 for my whole wheat would knock it out for me. Any advice you have to offer me would be greatly appreciated as I am struggling to understand exactly what I need to do to correct this by diet. I really don't want to add another prescription to my daily pills if I can avoid it.TIA